Early access MMO Atlas adds sea forts with its latest patch

All right, did anyone prepare to defend the fort?

Do you want to control trade in an area in Atlas? Well, you’ll have to wait for the full trading system to be added to the game, because it’s not there yet. But the latest patch has added sea forts to the game, and these will be crucial to establishing control over a region when the system actually does get implemented. Thus, you can start setting up these control points that can be captured now in anticipation for their full functionality later.

All forts have automated defenses and can be captured by breaking through the defenses and planting a flag at the center of the fort, although this is only available on PvP servers. It’s also know that these forts will be crucial in establishing trade routes across the sea when that system is put in place, which does offer some incentive to get these things out and developed now. The patch also increases the maximum level for ships, adds the ability to store fuel in warehouses and farmhouses, and changes how land artillery works slightly; check out the full patch notes for the particulars.


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This game is still in Early Access?


wasn’t this game released two years ago?

2Ton Gamer

To anyone who might even be considering this game, (like there are that many judging by the number of comments, lol) I would not waste the money. If you enjoy playing on a private server, it’s enjoyable for like a month and is decent enough, but this team does not put in the work and abandons it for Ark updates for months at a time. Wildcard or Grapeshot or whatever they want to call themselves is a little baby company that wants to grow into big girl panties, but simply is too inept to do so. If they actually put time into it though, it could be something cool. As it is, it’s more of a flip-flop disaster than that time I tried running after my rolling car and blew out my flip flops and fell down and busted my mouth on the pavement. True story..