Conan Exiles’ latest PC update introduces a ‘massive’ overhaul to crafting and thralls


The way you craft your tools of conquest (or your decorations of housing) is going to be changing dramatically with the latest update to Conan Exiles on PC. Update 2.1 has introduced previously discussed adjustments to the crafting system in what is being called a “major overhaul.”

As a refresher, this overhaul introduces specialized crafting stations that let players craft improved gear while also simplifying crafting and reducing recipe bloat. Thralls, meanwhile, will have specializations that introduce gear bonuses like additional armor penetration, bonus damage, or better armor attributes depending on their specialization.

The update has also added other features like rebalancing for Surges and Wild Surges, the ability to re-customize characters, family sharing server settings, and a variety of quality-of-life and bug fixes. All of the salient details are in the patch notes.


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