World of Warcraft hosts 16th anniversary party, spotlights Shadowlands’ Ardenweald


It’s going to be a busy month for World of Warcraft, and it all starts with the 16th anniversary celebrations of the long-running MMORPG. The event, which started yesterday and runs through November 22nd, centers around a huge party in the Caverns of Time with plenty of goodies to attain.

Every player who logs in will get a celebration bundle that contains an invitation to said party, a 16% experience and reputation booster, 200 timewalking badges, and a reusable firework. The badges, by the way, can be used to purchase the new anniversary cloak from the vendor. One of my guildies noted that it has “different animation and swooshy effects” than your usual back-blanket.

You’ll also want to take on certain world bosses during this event for “classic loot” and participate in the Alterac Valley of Olde to get a new mount.

The studio also posted a one-minute tour of Shadowlands’ Ardenweald, the Druidic zone to end all Druidic zones. Check it out and get your full daily ration of neon:

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