The Division 2 brings Title Update 12’s Optimization Station and Summit improvements to PTS


Oh, if only real life had an Optimization Station. I’d be able to make my gaming PC run better. I could make sure my coffee maker was brewing the best coffee possible. I could optimize my face. Sadly, such a station does not exist in the real world, but it does exist in The Division 2, specifically in Title Update 12, which is currently playable on PTS.

So just what is the Optimization Station? According to the patch notes, it’s a feature that lets players “wring the full potential out of each piece of gear” by upgrading the attributes of any weapon or gear piece in their inventory step-by-step to their maximum values. Doing so will cost resources that are found throughout the game, including Alloys and Weaves that are acquired by deconstructing high-end loot; Tactical Assessments acquired by defeating final bosses in missions, bounties, and the Summit; Field Recon Data earned by completing Control Points in the LZ, Landmarks in the DZ, and some Summit floors; and SHD Calibration that’s rewarded for clearing certain daily and weekly projects.

Speaking of the Summit, TU12 is making several adjustments to the encounter, including the ability to activate two Summit challenges at a time, the addition of 15 new Summit commendations, an additional targeted loot reward for completing every third and tenth floor, and an adjustment to the frequency of certain objectives among other changes.

The PTS version of TU12 is also adding new exotics, a new gear set, the Achilles Pulse skill variant, new named items, and a new Directive among other things. Obviously, the patch notes are for a build that’s still developing and things are subject to change, but players can get a peek at the general shape of the update now, as well as hop in to the test server to kick the tires and provide feedback.


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