Lands of Kehliel is a competition-focused PvP open world MMORPG headed to Kickstarter soon


PvP sandbox games can be pretty competitive by their very nature, but what if competing against others was the ultimate point of your MMORPG play time? That’s what the upcoming Lands of Kheliel by Hitwave Studios is looking to create: “the first MMORPG that focuses in on competition and personal skill.”

Players start off in a central hub known as Arquebus, where they can customize their character, manage their guilds, purchase land and customize houses, and kick off competitive journeys, or “matches” by any other name. Matches consist of four teams of four players in a competition to complete the main quest line of a chosen journey. Up to three regular quests can be picked up by teams along the way, which are promised to be “unique and not at all repetitive.” Once a quest is completed, it can’t be taken up by anyone else, though most quests can be contested by multiple teams, and players on quests appear on a map that also gauges when they can be contested.

Lands of Kehliel is also offering other tried-and-true MMORPG gameplay beats as well, such as PvE against monsters, boss fights that can yield legendary gear, gathering, crafting, and trade with shops and merchants. There’s some competitive connections to these activities as well, as players will be able to fight one another for resources, and killing other players even provides a soul fragment that’s used in equipment crafting. Furthermore, items bought from merchants are limited — once a player purchases something from a shop, it’s not refreshed in the NPC’s inventory.

Lands of Kehliel is headed to Kickstarter at some point in the near future, but interested fans can get a briefing of the game, sign up for a newsletter, and check out the pre-Kickstarter campaign video below for more.

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