WildStar’s devs and fans love on the game two years after its demise

All right, the Lopp have some chops here too.

This past weekend saw a special and sad date for WildStar fans, as November 28th marked the two-year anniversary of the game’s closure. Some of WildStar’s former developers and community emerged to hold up a torch of remembrance for the scifi MMORPG, including lead developer Chad Moore and composer Jeff Kurtenacker.

In fact, Kurtenacker had a special treat for WildStar fans: a previously unreleased music track. “Here’s a special track that was always near and dear to me,” he said. “Never made it onto an OST release, but you may recognize it. In honor of everyone who called Nexus home, enjoy The Balance of Human Nature.”

If you’re missing WildStar like some of us here at MOP are, check out 10 things we loved about WildStar, a brief tribute by Chris, community reactions to the 2018 shutdown, and Eliot’s final Nexus Telegraph column — and then jump down into the comments to share your favorite memories and feelings from Carbine’s late, great title!

Source: Twitter
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