Lord of the Rings Online starts Yuletide, improves PvP, and unlocks progression Gondor


The term “kitchen sink” gets tossed around by a lot of people who have very little experience with installing sinks, such as yours truly. But this is the only way to describe today’s Update 28.2 for Lord of the Rings Online: It’s a kitchen sink patch with a whole lot of everything.

It’s starts with the return of the Yuletide Festival and Christmasy Hobbit Gifts. Players can dive back into the wintry festivities to get cozy cosmetics and cool mounts from now through January 4th. The patch also unlocks the fifth tier of difficulty for War of Three Peaks instances, buffed legendary titles “across all level ranges,” and gave pets sensible noises.

Then there’s the long-awaited PvMP balance pass, which makes a slew of adjustments to the game’s PvP scene. “Creeps now receive a generic multiplier to base HP and Damage to help keep pace with player itemization, this multiplier can also be quickly updated to let us bump creeps whenever new content is released with higher item level itemization for Free Players,” explained SSG.

Finally, LOTRO’s progression server is on the march once more with the unlock of all Gondor content. The level cap on Ithil and Anor has increased to 100, and players can go through the many content updates that made up this country — including the siege of Minas Tirith.

Source: LOTRO
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