Dungeons & Dragons Online patches in a number of Augment fixes

Owliest bears.

The newest update for Dungeons & Dragons Online has a whole lot of stuff about augments in there. Some of it is as simple as bugfixes – for example, removing legacy augments will no longer cause the color of an augment slot to swap. Others are more extensive, like how all items will now display their augment slots immediately. And some are just more convenient, like removing the need to log out and then log back in with items in your inventory before properly seeing augment slots.

Feywild adjustments are also here in the patch, with most creatures seeing a reduction in hit points even as giants and wood woads get more health. Melee damage has also been reduced on some of the monsters, and the overall HP on enemies in Elite difficulty has been lowered as well. Check out the full rundown for a few more details; the lowered health should make the content a little easier to clear, while our own MJ is dealing with Garl’s tomb. It’s also worth noting that the long mystery of DDO’s developer Standing Stone Games has been clarified with the recent Daybreak acquisition, making it clear Daybreak owns the studio and revealing that DDO is doing quite well for itself after all.


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Not a very exciting patch and I am still confused about the State of the Game where the level cap and destinies were supposed to be increased/revamped before feywild and then that was going to be the new high level but instead they just dropped it. That combined with Standing Stone games getting swept up in the buyout of Daybreak games when they swore up and down they were not owned by them. What in the world is going on over there at DDO?

Jason Clearwater

The Level Cap increase beyond 30 has been delayed until next year. The devs didn’t think they could do the increase justice with the time they had for the expansion as everyone is working from home atm.