Pantheon’s latest dev roundtable dives into the environment


While we often would like games to show, not tell, Pantheon fans are going to have to make do with the team telling, not showing in the most recent developer roundtable. In this edition, Senior Environment Artist Jimmy Lane sat down for a one-hour audio-only stream to talk about crafting the nooks, crannies, and landscapes of Pantheon’s game world.

So how does Lane dream up a brand-new world? “You need reference,” he said. “You need a visual library to draw upon and apply it to your work […] an environment artist needs to go out into the wilderness and draw stuff you’re looking at.”

Lane said that artists share their visual libraries, and that some of the studio’s team brought art from landscapes in New Zealand to share. For those waiting to see some more actual Pantheon gameplay, Visionary Realms promised some eye candy on its January 7th dev stream.

Source: YouTube

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The way they progress(super slow) and where they are(not even a true alpha, just pre-alpha) I cant be very optimistic unless they find ways to finance it. This doesnt seem to be even five years away from a Beta. They seem to be more at the stage where they are collecting ideas inside and outside their team in order to decide how exactly their vision will materialize – after a good amount of years they are at barely start. I really hope they find the way to make their project work

Songs for Children

I hate to say this but a major publisher might be this game’s only hope. I want it to come out so bad.

Shawn Fink
Shawn Fink

I keep my fingers crossed, but I really worry about this one. Damn my $100, I just would have liked Brad’s project to finish.


Can pretty much know that if they did not show anything, it means they had nothing to actually show.

I think the ship has sailed on this game, or went down with the captain, if you will.

Oleg Chebeneev

I expected to see some visuals showcase :(