Crowfall’s Convergence update introduces active skills and a castle siege objective


A lot of hay has been made by Crowfall about the system changes being made to the MMO, but now it’s time for beta players to try it out for themselves. Yesterday marked the release of Convergence, the latest update to the throne war PvP sandbox, to the Test server, bringing its active skills system into play to bring more customization to characters and get players into the action faster.

As well as the active skills system, Convergence has also introduced the new castle siege objective. Only one of these new strongholds will be active in any given campaign, making the location a focal point for conflict. Taking a castle won’t be a simple feat either, by the sound of it; siege weapons, assassin infiltration, and magical and martial might are all recommended, while the castle itself cannot be captured until the Tree of Life within is destroyed.

The Convergence update will be made available to all backers later this week, while those who are players of the beta can check out the patch notes for more information.

source: press release
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