EverQuest II adjusts public quests, zones, missions, and more in latest patch


While the newest patch being applied today to EverQuest II isn’t bringing anything new exactly, it is doing a whole mess of fixing up. You could say it’s patching things. Sometimes patches actually do that.

This particular patch definitely leans heavy on the adjustment and fixing side of the update scale. Among the changes are the end of training Reign of Shadows public quest bosses “all over the moon and back,” a variety of typo fixes for several items, several quests now offering rewards for Channelers and Beastlords, and fixes to a wide swath of missions, raids, and raidventures.

The update has also made tweaks to a laundry list of zones, either adjusting mob attacks, specific crashes, or other zone-centric weirdness. It’s a pretty comprehensive fix list and will likely be useful reading for those deep in the MMORPG.


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No fix to Mercs:(

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What’s going on with Mercs right now? If you don’t mind me bugging you about it


They now use a percentage of your stats with higher level mercs (celestial) getting 80% down to treasured getting next to nothing making leveling more difficult. The mercs we get from the den are pretty much worthless now.

Edit to add: You also need to be lvl 120 to get the merc that comes with RoS.
This explains how mercs work now:


Thanks for the summary. Had heard something about this huge Merc nerf but did not know what it was about.

This pretty much seals the ‘never-go-back’ deal for me as I just cannot see playing effectively without the good Merc backup.

Sheesh. Who thought this was a good idea? Drive away casual players when EQ2 is the least profitable game in the collection.