Check out Pantheon’s introductory dungeon crawl in action

Rise of the TREE more like.

As Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen seeks more investors and partners for this upcoming fantasy MMORPG, the team realized that it needed something that could show off a wide swath of what the game could do. As such, it created an “evaluation build” in the form of an introductory dungeon called Fort DeViarre that contains many of the game’s major systems.

To show off this dungeon, the team enlisted the help of YouTuber CohhCarnage to go into it blind and document his adventures in a two-hour livestream. So if you wanted to get a feel for what Pantheon might be like when you first play it yourself, you can watch the following video and see how this title uses all of its imaginative concepts together.

Source: Pantheon

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Yeah I mean, not bad but ..
It still doesn’t really tell me much about how it will play as a mmorpg.
What we saw here is felt more like a rpg, and personally this is where I NEED this game in particular to show me it is more than the usual story driven, but instead an open ended mmorpg like Everquest 1.

I still hope to see a real mmorpg again someday .. which is of course a virtual world, with open ended content that make players define their own stories instead of following the developers narrative.
Sooo, not what we saw here.. though I am aware that this can serve as a demo, and the actual game could be completely open; You just can’t tell at this point. I stopped listening to words of intent and promises, so I will judge when I get hands on a more complete game.

Brian Barrett

Maybe charge $10 for Alpha and you’d get a 100,000 trying it. Luring in people $250 a shot seems to have worked great :)

Kickstarter Donor

I like it (except for the UI, which is clearly…hopefully…a placeholder), but I kinda agree with the comments below. I’m no graphics snob, but good graphics and animations are greatly appreciated, and right now Pantheon graphics are looking a lot like Vanguard, imo.

Looking forward to it. Hopefully they can find some more money to spend a couple years building out the world. I think the recently released financials for EQ1/2 show that there is a steady market out there for this style of game.


Lookin good.


Number of things look like they need more work.

The movement interface looks like it is based on controller concepts rather than PC MMO. I don’t particularly like that mode in MMOs that I play.

General performance looks to be a number of ticks below optimal. Although it generally looks smooth enough, really does not have that ‘pop’ I would expect in a 2021/2022 game.

For me, there may be a little to much text involved. I would personally like to see much more condensed story lines that require less reading rather than more. Reading kind of interrupts the flow of game play for me.

Kind of growing tired of keypress skills and skill cooldowns. Especially cooldowns. Again, tends to slow play way down. I would much prefer a resource usage system with multiple resources to spend and zero cooldowns. Don’t need another EQ2/WoW style game. ;(

Graphics design seems rather bland, even for underground and interiors. Same elements repeated again and again. I know it is expensive and time consuming to make unique elements, but if every box is the same shape, size, and with the same textures, it just kills the immersion.

There is lots more, but that’s the general idea. The game needs a lot more development on all fronts, in my opinion.


I saw parts of that stream. To be honest the game looks dated already, and doesn’t really bring anything new to the world of MMORPGs, with not much variety in terms of what you can do in it. I understand that some people may be looking for “oldschool feel” and are ok with that, but if the game is targeting such limited segment – it won’t be very profitable and it will be very hard to find investors for it. Which means their small team is unlikely to expand in any significant way and the game may take many more years to become finished, if they’ll actually manage to finish it.

Dug From The Earth

It is looking dated.

Not as dated as games like LoTRo… but dated none the less. With no release near, every month that goes by at this point is just going to turn more and more people away because of that.

In another post I did a little info lookup for Dark Age of Camelot (which has nothing to do with this game, but is another mmorpg). Found out that it was in development for 18 months with 25 devs working full time. Total cost was around 2.5 million dollars.

For Pantheon, its been 6 years now. Yes, they only initially crowd funded just under $500k, but they also went on later to receive additional funding from an investor (not sure how much, but they claimed they were able to expand the team and meet budget goals)

Not sure why with the time spent that they couldnt turn around a game in 6 years time that is a complete playable game considering games like Daoc did so in under 2 years time. They arent the only studio to not manage to do this, and it seems to be a trend for crowd funded mmorpgs.

Either way… the additional years of development do not appear to show the value of the additional years spent, and if anything only show the project becoming more and more dated.


Not sure why with the time spent that they couldnt turn around a game in 6 years time that is a complete playable game

Just leaders of the company being incompetent and delusional, miscalculating how much of manpower and budget they will actually need to finish the game in reasonable amount of time, then not using the available money and manpower in a most efficient way while still hoping they will find plenty of investors to provide them with more money “just because they have famous people working in their company”. They are not the first and unfortunately won’t be the last.

I wish there were better laws related to such crowdsourced products, for example legally requiring any company to issue refunds to any person requesting them at any time before the product officially launches (doesn’t matter if the game has been in development for 6 years or 8 years), with a period of 30 days to issue the refund to such customers from the moment the customer requests it, then maybe this would make these incompetent and delusional people think twice before attempting to create a complicated product with very few people and small budgets.

2Ton Gamer

Looks good, but the fact that the game has been in production for as many years as it’s been in and is talking about the beginning intro is nothing to write home about. This slow pace means that the game will most likely not be released because keeping enough devs on to make a game like this takes funds and the more years it takes the less likely it will come to fruition. Hate to say it because I really would like to play it, but it’s not looking good.