LOTRO posts 2021 events schedule while players finish off the four-day Winterstock concert


Drama aside, the show must go on for Lord of the Rings Online. In what promises to be a busy year of content updates, a new class, and a fall expansion, Standing Stone Games has lined up an array of festivals and special events that cover the upcoming 12 months.

The LOTRO events forum thread has been updated with 2021 activities. This includes the game’s 13th anniversary event and gift, which kicks off on April 21st. The next major holiday, however, is the Spring Festival, which is scheduled to start on March 18th.

Of course, that doesn’t include what player events the community comes up with this year. In fact, today marks the conclusion of the four-day Winterstock concert, where dozens of player bands have been performing for audiences on the Landroval server. Players Druidsfire and Hollyberye have been taking video of these sets in case you missed them:


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