MMO Week in Review: LOTRO plz


So Lord of the Rings Online appears to have kicked off 2021 the way it ended 2020: on fire. This week, SSG was cheered for reducing its expansion costs but then introduced enormously unpopular changes and then almost immediately walked them back thanks to the uproar, but hey, it got us agitating to just delete an entire mechanic from the game, so that’s something?

Meanwhile, Elite Dangerous delayed Odyssey, Elder Scrolls Online delayed its Gates of Oblivion reveal, Ever, Jane sunsetted, Path of Exile’s Echoes of the Atlas rolled out, PlanetSide 2 lost its top developer, and all eyes are on Guild Wars 2’s big update this week.

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Sarah Cushaway

The sad part about all this is they had an MMORPG with a dedicated (if niche) following. It was going along steadily. All folks really wanted were more stable/less laggy servers and lowering the barriers to entry (all those $ quest packs and $$ expansion packs).

They f*cked it up.


At least on my server, the population has bounced back recently. In the spring there were up to 1300 people online, but after the autumn’s mess highes were rarely above 900 even in the best of times.

But on Saturday the highest I saw was 1234 and on Sunday long time in the 1130s. (On Saturday the server seemed to have trouble with the amount of people.)

Don’t know if its down the sale news or what, but certainly there is an audience if SSG just can’t stop scoring own goals.

Sarah Cushaway

Of course. Most corporations are.

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This is the best headline since “Sony yeets Cyberpunk 2077 off the Playstation store.”