Guild Wars 2’s ‘Power’ chapter lands January 19 – here’s the new trailer!

Prepare to feel the Power, Guild Wars 2 players: The next chunk of the Icebrood Saga is dropping next week. And yes, it’s called Power as ArenaNet teased over the holidays. For those of you not keeping track at home, this’ll be the second chapter of the five-part episode five Saga finale. The studio is promising new Dragon Response Missions, faction recruits, and weaponry.

“Fire and furious apocalypse arrive in Tyria, threatening to tear the land apart, and the Commander’s tenuous alliance with the icy whispers of Jormag will be tested like never before.

Four new Dragon Response Missions will be available in Thunderhead Peaks, Fields of Ruin, Lake Doric, and Snowden Drifts as the threat from the Elder Dragon of Fire and Conflagration grows more acute, with optional challenge modifiers to ramp up difficulty and lead to greater loot again available to the brave and skilled.

Faction recruitment also makes a return, with two new groups of allies joining the fray to stop Tyria unraveling beneath the shadows of Primordus and Jormag. The first will be available at release, with the second arriving a few weeks later alongside a new craft-able second tier of the Dragonslayer weapons from Chapter 1. A new faction-specific longbow and infusion each round out the rewards players can chase in this release.”

The rollout begins January 19th; the new trailer is down below. Oh, and if you’re already wondering about the next leg? As planned, it’s coming in March – and it’s called Balance.

Source: Press release
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