The Repopulation’s latest alpha patch touches on inventory and optimization


It seems strange now, but five or six years ago, The Repopulation was a much-wanted Kickstarted MMORPG, with visual and design roots in sandboxes like Star Wars Galaxies. But of course, a few years after its successful Kickstarter, the game was yanked offline for over a year thanks to a brutal public contract dispute between the dev team and the Hero Engine host. When the dust settled, said engine host, Idea Fabrik, had taken over the game. Over the course of the last four years, however, updates have been marginal, and the game continues to linger in alpha, having fallen off most MMO players’ radars.

There is a pinch of good news for remaining testers, however, as Idea Fabrik has pushed out a fresh patch this week, increasing player and bank inventory, adding new recipes, and tweaking some holiday content.

“This update focuses on 1) the implementation of the new Container system and 2) the continued clean-up and optimization of existing content, and 3) the addition of new TGS art assets. We will not be adding new content until our system revamps are in place, but wish to improve the existing gameplay where possible. We have chosen to exclude notes such as spec changes, gloms being added, and other smaller changes that exist in multitudes. Instead, we want to concentrate on larger changes such as end results, new art, scripts etc.”

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