Elder Scrolls Online takes you into a cursed mine with The Cauldron


The Gates of Oblivion are starting to slide open over at Elder Scrolls Online, and while players can’t yet dive into the new year of content, ZeniMax has a preview up for one of the two upcoming dungeons.

The Cauldron is a “cursed mine” that’s coming with the Flames of Ambition DLC. Players will team up with two NPCs, Drathas the Dark Elf and Dremora Lyranth, to investigate its depths and free some enslaved people.

It does sound like the adventure will be a rough ride: “We have thrown a couple wrinkles into this dungeon that players haven’t seen before. There are some new ways to accomplish goals that also incorporate levers that allow players to increase the challenge, hard mode aside. The final boss in particular, Baron Zaudrus, is a frantic fight that really emphasizes movement and forces you to have your head on a swivel.”

Rewards from the dungeon include three Oblivion-themed armor sets and Dagon’s Viscerent skin.


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I play ESO, sub ESO, and really like the NPCs and world of ESO.

But for me, these hard mode DLC dungeons and modes are not attractive. If I could ‘un-own’ DLC dungeons so I would not get them in the randoms, I would do so in an instant. Oh well.

I salute those players that do these dungeon and successfully conquer them on Vet Hard Mode! They certainly deserve all the rewards they get from them. :)

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Like the dungeons, don’t care for the hard modes nor the rush rush mindset. Wish I could un-sub from that aspect of all mmorpg game play.