Neverwinter celebrates the Year of the Ox

Ox in, free.

It’s time for the Year of the Ox in Neverwinter starting today, and if you’ve long been waiting for ox content in the game, you will no doubt be absolutely over the moon about this event. There are so many oxen available for you to earn. You can earn an ox mount, a miniature ox companion, or ceremonial weapon skins that we can only assume get some ox-related flavor to them. It’s all the oxen you could possibly want in the game! At long last, it’s ox content!

How do you get all of these marvelous ox-related treasures? Well, you comfort dogs. Among other things, anyhow; the event requires players to take on a trio of different quests which see you setting off fireworks, delivering red envelopes to fledgling adventurers, and helping to calm the dogs that get startled by all the fireworks going off around them. So the quests are perhaps not as ox-themed as they could be, but when your prize is an ox to ride on, why quibble?

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