Prosperous Universe enters early access on February 24 – here are the patch notes and trailer


It’s been a weird and wiggly road for the interstellar economic sandbox title Prosperous Universe to get here. Readers will recall that the game entered a “soft launch” state in December 2018, then switched to a free-to-play model in August 2019 before rescinding that decision and requiring a monthly sub last year while also announcing the game would be entering early access. Again.

This all brings us around to the game’s latest forum post, which offered the full release notes for the new early access version as well as a release date for early access of Wednesday, February 24th. The update notes point to new features like a universe with over 4,000 planets, a new faction, and the addition of a Company Headquarters, while also detailing further changes to general materials, buildings, ships, populations, and the replacement of the materials necessary for founding a base from the starter packages with a Core Module Kit.


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I’m interested to see how well a literal space spreadsheet simulator (insert Eve Online joke here) can perform in 2021 as a subscription game.

maydrock .

Reason I quit because they went f2p. I prefer pay walls. Didn’t realize they dumped the f2p model, might have to give it another go.