Torchlight III spies a distant content release, works to bring Gamepass to PC


While the next big content update for Torchlight III is still “a few months” away from being deployed, Etchra Games released some hints and teasers for the edification of its fans. The images mention a ship cruise “towards the frontier,” a new contract theme, a new weapon and armor type, quality-of-life features, console performance improvements, a bulldog pet, and the ability to reset your instance.

Players should be aware the the “Snow and Steam” contract in the game has about a month left before it’s taken away, so if there are rewards or goals that you’re pursuing for that, you need to get it done ASAP.

The team also announced that it is bringing Gamepass to PC, although a date has not been set. This feature is already present on the Xbox and Android devices.

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