TERA console patch results in massive exploit (and compensation for all)


Where there’s an exploit, there’s a way for shifty players to profit. The latest update for TERA Console opened the door for two serious exploits that some people leveraged to gain thousands of free items.

“There were some players who exploited the intention of the ‘Battle Pass Level Account-Sharing System’ and abused the bug to accumulate a tremendous amount of in-game property,” the team said.

One exploit involved rerolling characters to gain bonus goodies, while another took advantage of an “infinite rewards bug.” In both cases, some players racked up thousands of illicit rewards — and several weeks of being banned as well.

TERA Console is compensating the rest of the community for the repeated downtime as the team worked to close off the exploits. So if you play, you’ll want to log in during the next few days to grab a free inventory expansion, bank expansion, seven days of elite gold status, and more.

The team has also made changes to the battle pass system to make rewards non-tradable.

Source: TERA Console

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