Indie space sandbox Avorion celebrates first anniversary – and 300K sales


Avorion’s been on our radar for the last year, almost to the day: It’s a “procedural co-op space sandbox where players can build their own space ships out of dynamically scalable blocks” that launched back in March of last year. Yes, I said launched. A real launch. A real MMO launch. Wild. The indie space sandbox has been trucking along ever since with patches that coaxed in even our Stream Team. And now, it’s celebrating an anniversary with the reveal of its 2.0 update.

“The launch was successful, the sales figures rose to around 300,000 units, but the journey did not end there – the developers stayed on the ball, worked hard and produced update after update,” studio Boxelware writes. “And now, just in time for the one-year launch anniversary, Update 2.0 is just around the corner. It will fundamentally change the game in many parts and significantly improve many systems with massive changes.”

The 2.0 update, which doesn’t have a date yet, will include a new progression system, a new “classic” scenario for people who don’t wanna do the new progression, a free-play scenario, specialized captains, quality-of-life tweaks, and improvements to everything from the AI to the UI. “Avorion will feel like a new game,” the studio says.

Source: Press release, Steam, roadmap


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I have this. It seems like something I should like. I struggled with the building tools in single player for about an hour and then just sort of stopped. It’s not the game, it’s me. (Probably.) The impressive looking ships and stations in the trailer are apparently entirely possible within the game, I’m just not that awesome with the building tools.

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It’s a fun game with a fantastic ship-building system. I could while away hours just working on a ship that would fly well and have a decent hull strength.