Magic Legends lays out its ZEN market, broker system, and battlepass tracks


Anyone who has played a Cryptic game probably is well-acquainted with its slightly convoluted business model. Basically, the studio has a cash shop (the ZEN Store) with all of the really good stuff, but players can buy and sell the currency for that store using a special in-game currency.

If it works — works for the studio, at least — why change it? And so it will be for Magic Legends, as explained in the game’s latest dev blog. For the upcoming multiplayer title, the special currency in question is Aether, which can be earned from various activities and then swapped for ZEN on the global market.

Cryptic also talked about its auction house system (the Broker), which can be used to trade spells, enchantments, and and booster packs.

And if you were hoping there’d be some sort of seasonal pass (what kind of monster are you?), Magic Legends will indeed offer a battlepass that offers 50 levels of both free and premium rewards.

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