Atlas decides to ignore themes, plans multiple maps, ship customization, and Wonders building for summer


Remember back when the devs of Atlas admitted that the piratical survival sandbox was missing a strong overall theme? Well it would appear that concerns over theming are being tossed aside according to one of the answers in the game’s latest community Q&A.

“We are planning to lean into things we have and reinforce them more with new content. So you might see Army of the Damned themed things in the world more, or Atlantis… We’re also talking about introducing some pre WW1 dirty industrial content.”

Naturally, questions about an overall theme weren’t the only ones answered by the devs. It also pointed out plans for a large summer release that will include ship customization features, having multiple maps that link to different parts of the world instead of one uniform map, and laying the foundation for letting player companies build Wonders that provide company-wide buffs. This, in turn, should hopefully give companies long-term goals, enliven trade and supply running, and give companies reasons to fight over land.

On the subject of island claiming, that system is undergoing updates, with plans to add unique buildings and locations that must be captured over multiple days; the intention is to give players strategic points on islands that give them an offensive or defensive benefits.

Finally, one of the answers addressed PvE play, stating that some changes being made to Atlas simply do not work well with PvE. “We are looking at ways we can do a better job keeping PvP changes from creating bad experiences in the PvE community without having to spend a lot of time working on it to support two different play styles,” explains the post.

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