Black Desert cancels spring season server, plans ‘growth server’ for newbies instead

Plus: BDO Mobile finally gets the Shai


There’s a ton of Black Desert PC info rolling out this afternoon. First up: Seasons are about to go away for spring break, literally. With the conclusion of the winter season on March 31st, Olvia toons will become regular toons and Olvia will convert to a special server for newbies and returnees, intended to help them catch-up to the current meta. But Pearl Abyss has confirmed on the official forums that there won’t be a new spring season server. “This does not mean seasons are gone forever,” the studio says, so we presume they might return in the summer.

The studio has enabled a “guild gear rental” system, the cherry blossom festival has returned, and the Secret of the Hexahedron and Sage’s Ancient Kyve events have begun. PC players should definitely check out the whole patch notes, and stay tuned for our detailed breakdown of everything in Desert Oasis tomorrow.

Meanwhile, over on the mobile side of the game, players are finally getting their bard on with the release of the adorable auto-ascended Shai class. “As you know, Shai’s release plans were changed last February to March 23 so as to release the latest version of the character,” PA reminds fans. “We will continue doing our best to release the latest character versions and balances in the future as well. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy adventuring with Shai!”

Finally, console players are a few away from their launch of the brand-new Sage class as precreation continues.

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