Destiny 2 launches a new Strike, adjusts PvP lobby balancing, and swings a banhammer at cheaters


The Season of the Chosen continues to roll on in Destiny 2, and the latest addition to the game’s content cadence is the Proving Grounds Strike, where players must face the Champion of the Cabal in a Rite of Proving. The latest patch has also introduced Crucible adjustments for Stasis abilities, added some PvP functions to the Mantle of Battle Harmony Warlock chest piece, and a variety of other updates.

Meanwhile, in Bungie’s weekly newsletter, there’s a report on recent tweaks to PvP lobbies. Previously, the matchmaking algorithm tried to make the average skill level even between teams, which led to lopsided teams depending on the skill range of everyone in the match, but recently added adjustments will attempt a sort of “schoolyard pick” manner, placing the best player on team one, second best player on team two, third best player on team one and so on.

Finally, the devs of Destiny 2 want PvP cheaters to know that their eyes are open, as a rather ominous tweet touted the use of the banhammer and a warning that players should play fair. Which we’re sure will be super effective.


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The story telling so far this year/expansion has been simply put amazing. All of it is in game and available. The weekly story narrative unfolding over the last 2 months has worked extremely well. Even the new exotic mission (think Outbreak or Whisper style mission) did a great job of telling the story of what happened there over the course of a few weeks on multiple runs.

The whole cheater thing is less bangout and watching Trials streams yesterday saw multiple cheater teams in action.