Mortal Online 2 extends its stress test a few more days and checks in with a tech report


A Discord post shared on Reddit has provided an update regarding Mortal Online 2’s ongoing beta stress test, announcing that the test will be extended “a few more days” as a result of the discovered technical difficulties.

According to the post, the test saw an “enormous” number of players laying into the game’s servers over the past few days, which unveiled some bottlenecks that the devs are working on fixing before early access. Those issues include an overloaded database that was fixed over the weekend; the game’s login/queue system not working as expected, which will have more fixes introduced during the week; and overloaded servers causing desync problems, which are promised to be fixed “very soon.”

In addition to the stress test being extended, the post confirms that developer Star Vault will release an updated roadmap for April and competitions will resume once everything is more stable. “Thank you all for helping us make Mortal Online 2 be the best game it can be, as well as being a part of this crucial step towards the release,” closes the post. We hasten to point out that this post was shared on Monday, so “a few more days” could just as easily mean only one or two mroe. In any event, development rolls on.

source: Reddit
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