RuneScape continues its 20th anniversary mini-quest, updates the Collection Log, and adds more follower pets


“They say that April showers bring May flowers, so we hope none of you have hayfever, because we’re anticipating a total deluge of content this month,” promises this week’s RuneScape post, and while this week’s update isn’t exactly what you’d call a torrential downpour of content, there’s still things for players to look forward to.

First off, the game’s 20th anniversary mini-quest rolls on as players are tasked with visiting Closure to restore key memories, meet up with old friends, and earn some tasty rewards in the process. Second, the latest patch has seen the Ninjas make a couple of strikes, changing the Ex-ex-parrot, Sneakerpeeper, and green, blue, red and black baby dragons from object pets to follower pets and making some adjustments to the Collection Log interface. The week’s patch has also made a couple of quality-of-life fixes as well, and work on wrecked accounts continues.


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