Book of Travels explains how gear improves your journeys


For most MMOs, a player’s gear is a collection of stat points that accumulate to increase combat effectiveness. But for Book of Travels, gear is far more varied and useful than providing swordplay assists. In the game’s latest dev blog, the team explains how items, artifacts, and objects will improve your journey in a myriad of ways.

And just because the items you pick up might not seem immediately useful to you, they could have an impact on those you meet. “One person’s junk is indeed another person’s treasure,” the devs said.

Another thing that players can collect and trade are skill cards, which include fighting techniques, knot (magic) skills, and recipes.

The team said that carrying a bunch of small items for trade is a smart tactic: “Since there’s no currency in Braided Shore, when managing your inventory it’s good to aim for a selection of items of varying value, that way you’ll have items small enough to trade should you need a quick snack, and you’ll be able to avoid being forced into an unequal trade in an emergency.”

Source: Kickstarter
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