Early access title Craftopia patches in a new biome, new gear, and new skills for spring


The latest Craftopia patch has arrived for the game’s early access, and it contains what may be the greatest patch note of all time within its larger list of changes:

– The new enemy “Cassowary” has been added.
They will kick you so hard, for real.

Sure, you might not being kicked so hard, but you have to appreciate the directness of that particular note. And Cassowaries are just one of the minor elements of the update, which adds in the new Spring Island biome for players to explore complete with its own denizens and resources for players to search out.

The update also adds a new Glass Fiber fishing rod and Crab Pot for capturing more things from the murky depths, new Elemental robes for players to equip, new skills like Fast Cast and Prayer, and plenty of other improvements to the game as a whole. It’s a nice meaty update, and the developers are already planning the next one for June 5th. If all of this tickles your interest, we invite you to check out the full set of patch notes. There’s a lot of stuff in there.

Source: Steam
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