EVE Online releases the second half of its industry update, asks players for footage for an anniversary video


It’s one part work and one part celebration in this EVE Online news posting. On the work side of things, the second part of the game’s industrial shakeup has gone live today, introducing the promised blueprints, reactions, and components for ship manufacturing, while also adjusting the materials received when reprocessing tier two ships and doubling the bonuses of Mykocerosin Boosters.

On the celebration side of things, EVE’s 18th anniversary is fast approaching and CCP Games is asking players to submit videos for a montage. “These clips can be from any era of EVE Online, from any faction or activity, as long as they’re important to you – we want to capture the full spectrum of experiences from 18 years of emergent history,” the post explains.

To entice players to submit their home movies, entrants will be getting prizes every day between now and April 30th, while top winners will be receiving PLEX, Omega access time, and other goodies. And they’ll have their clips immortalized in the anniversary video that CCP releases, of course.

source: official site (1, 2)
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