Rumor: WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade is coming on June 1


Could World of Warcraft Classic’s first expansion release be coming a whole lot sooner than expected? It could be! According to a brief Blizzard launcher notice that mistakenly popped up, Burning Crusade Classic is scheduled for June 1st:

This does seem incredibly soon considering that the pre-patch — which many anticipated would last for a month or two — has yet to drop on the live servers. Wowhead conceded that this could be a mistake, a work-in-progress, or a hoax, even though it allegedly appeared to on multiple computers. Another possibility is that the June 1st date refers to the pre-patch rather than the Outland content.

Last week, many WoW Classic players latched on to a simple Instagram comment by a Blizzard dev who said, “The portal opens very soon” as an indication of the imminence of the expansion.

Blizzard shut down character transfers for “multiple weeks” on April 30th “to prepare our systems which will handle snapshotting WoW Classic player-characters and preparing them to be separately playable on Burning Crusade Classic and WoW Classic Era realms.”

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