Rumor: WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade is coming on June 1


Could World of Warcraft Classic’s first expansion release be coming a whole lot sooner than expected? It could be! According to a brief Blizzard launcher notice that mistakenly popped up, Burning Crusade Classic is scheduled for June 1st:

This does seem incredibly soon considering that the pre-patch — which many anticipated would last for a month or two — has yet to drop on the live servers. Wowhead conceded that this could be a mistake, a work-in-progress, or a hoax, even though it allegedly appeared to on multiple computers. Another possibility is that the June 1st date refers to the pre-patch rather than the Outland content.

Last week, many WoW Classic players latched on to a simple Instagram comment by a Blizzard dev who said, “The portal opens very soon” as an indication of the imminence of the expansion.

Blizzard shut down character transfers for “multiple weeks” on April 30th “to prepare our systems which will handle snapshotting WoW Classic player-characters and preparing them to be separately playable on Burning Crusade Classic and WoW Classic Era realms.”


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8 months ago

I hope it’s just pre-patch.
Started a new character for BC and I’m only level 16..

James Balmer
8 months ago
Reply to  aYates

I got 3 level 60’s, I’m sick of waiting, give me june release!

8 months ago
Reply to  James Balmer

I feel you, but you could always start a 4th!

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8 months ago

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Dug From The Earth
8 months ago

June 1st would kinda confirm my not so unrealistic (or rare) theory that Blizzard has been using classic to distract WoW players from the pretty unacceptable release schedule and issues of retail.

As enjoyable as older versions of WoW were, its like trying to cover up a cocaine habit by making people think you are an alcoholic.

8 months ago

This, exactly this.

A june 1st date for TBC means that 9.1 will not becoming until july *at the very earliest*. If the 1st of june is the prepatch and the actual release in july, 9.1 will be dropping in august *at the earliest*.

From Ion’s recent interview with Preach it seems like 9.1 won’t contain all the things mentioned in it’s highlights either, or at least so it sounded… Too vague. Even then, most of the patch’s content is exclusively catered to the raid and m+ community it seems, with little to no content for the casual player aside from what seems like 1-2 hour questline per faction in a new zone which other only seems to have the same world quests in it after you’re done with that questline.

Imagine if we have to wait until, at this speed, april 2022 for patch 9.2.

Even outside of retail, apparently a cash shop for tbc is all but confirmed. One of the major distinctive features of classic is that it doesn’t have a cash shop to begin with, so this will certainly drive some people away.

Rick Mills
8 months ago

I think I’m more excited about this than I was about the classic launch!

Dankey Kang
8 months ago


Aaron Weddle
8 months ago

Probably when they intend pre patch to launch

Danny Smith
8 months ago

I’m genuinely interested to see what goes on with this one. The initial classic boom almost certainly wont happen to the same numbers again because its not the big new shiny so to speak. Its effectively a wow classic expansion. Theres still an audience for that but i think the datamined stuff suggesting microtransactions, paid mounts and the like suggests Blizzard is expecting a huge surge of “tourists” who will sub for a month or two they want to squeeze some more money out of before it drops to below wow classic numbers.

I think what kind of numbers depends on how the changes work and how a 10 level, 6 zone experience drags people in compared to the world of vanilla.