Combatless MMORPG A Tale in the Desert reboots later this month


A Tale in the Desert, which MUD creator Richard Bartle called the “most innovative MMO from the last decade,” is starting all over. Yet again.

Don’t worry, this is intentional! In addition to having no combat whatsoever, A Tale in the Desert’s big claim to fame is how it occasionally ends its “tellings” and reboots the server for another seasonal challenge with new rules. The current telling, the game’s ninth, began back in August 2019.

The studio announced that on May 28th, the ninth telling will conclude to make way for the tenth: “As we venture into our tenth tale, join us in the desert for a 12-month adventure of crafting, trading, and becoming a part of the Egyptian community. Create your character and begin your journey travelling to Egypt for fame and fortune, join one of three houses and learn skills to create and craft.”

If players wish to do so, they can pre-order a subscription for the entire telling for $130 and receive extra bonuses.


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Richard Bartle

I should mention that when I said it was the most innovative game from the last decade, this was more than a decade ago.


Its so good to hear about this game still chugging along. Yes i have no interest in it whatsoever to play. However i do follow it because its something unique in our genre of gaming. So keep on chugging along and telling your stories hopefully 10 more tellings.

Cory James Hill

I’ve always thought this was a really cool concept. I’d love to see a modern version of this that begins with a space ship full of the last remnants of the human race crash landing on an unknown planet and having to start all over again knowing absolutely nothing about the environment, flora/fauna, etc. I’m ok with there being no combat, but I think hunting for food would be important.