Trove updates the Chloromancer as ArcheAge hands out free ArchePass XP boosters

If you blinked, you missed it: Trove rolled out a big update last week for the Chloromancer class on the PC. The patch changes the Chloro’s passive, improves its turrets, alters and buffs its core abilities, and changes its ultimate to boot, all in the service of making characters less like wet tissue against the game’s bosses.

A hotfix this week tweaked Mini Bloom and fixed crashes too, while there are additional tweaks for delves, the UI, and hubs.

Meanwhile, over in ArcheAge, Gamigo has introduced still more ArchePass options: the ArchePass Support Pack and the ArchePass Upgrade Pack. The former, which includes 10X ArchePass experience boosters, is a free item in the Glyph store for all accounts to grab once. The latter, however, runs 2999 credits (somewhere in the $15 range, depending on how you buy your credits) and includes five of the boosters, an upgrade ticket, and an advanced upgrade ticket. Just know that you’ve got only a few more days to grab either of these, as it ends early on May 7th.

Source: Trove, ArcheAge
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