RuneScape starts spooling hype for the next Elder God Wars chapter, promises to grant wishes soon


When you wish upon a star in Gielinor, Jagex will eventually hear you. For realsies. That’s part of RuneScape’s weekly newsletter content, which confirms that the devs will be granting wishes as part of promised recompense for login server issues soon. These wishes will be locked inside of a Guardian’s Gift that will be distributed on Monday, May 24th, with more details to be shared in a livestream tomorrow and a dedicated news post later in the week.

In the more immediate future, the game is also starting to stir up excitement for the next Elder Gods Wars chapter, which will be fully revealed in a livestream this coming Friday, May 21st. In the meantime, players are being told to “listen out for rumblings throughout the week.” Until then, the weekly patch is all about fixes to various parts of the MMORPG.


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Everything I read about RuneScape just screams ‘Pick me! Try me! Pick me!’ and while I find it an intriguing and charming MMO, for some reason I never have… Perhaps I should give it an actual try, I can’t think of any MMO out there more deserving.