Path of Exile launches its graphical improvements patch, discusses the ‘clear cache’ function and performance matters


Are you ready for some hard-hitting, face-melting, blast processing-fueled game visuals guaranteed to scare your mom and upset your parakeet?? Then you’re ready for Path of Exile’s X-TREEM GRAPHICAL UPDATE PATCH aka patch 3.14.1d, which dropped on your weaksauce gamer faces this past Thursday. What’s that? You’re not ready? Too late, shortcake! It’s here.

If you’re a bad enough dude to handle this level of graphical improvement savagery, then strap in to your couch and cuddle your teddy bear because the update also added a CLEAR CACHE BUTTON. Don’t know what that does? Then let Grrrrrrrrinding Gear Games explain it to you, outlining how the option can be used for troubleshooting a crash or other graphical problem. While we’re talking about performance, the devs are keeping eyes on how this new patch enhances POE’s optimization. Because they love you.

So fire up your favorite launcher, get into a comfy chair, and kiss the outside world goodbye as you get into the madness of Wraeclast. Get hype, gamers!


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Bryan Correll

I wish they’d put out a patch that balances the risk/reward ratio for the Ultimatum mechanics.


MO still pining away for Wildstar I see.