The Daily Grind: What’s your oldest memory of epic MMO guild drama?


Let me tell you a story about my first real experience with guild drama. It was back in the days of yore, when I was a dumb teenager playing Ultima Online. I’d been there a few months and joined a famous anti guild – that is, a vigilante PvP guild that exclusively killed griefers, gankers, noto-PKs, and PKers. (I had a ridiculously good internet connection and could run circles around those clowns, so my cut-off-head collection was sublime.) Anyhow, I was super proud to be in that guild; they were famed across the server for being the heroes of the little people, the kind of players who kept the dungeons safe for regular PvE players and crafters.

Little did I know that the leadership of my new guild actually all had griefer characters that they played in secret while checking recruits’ accounts to make sure we weren’t similarly shady. Let’s just say that the day it came out that our guildmaster was actually the same player behind one of the most hated gankers on the server was the day the guild completely imploded, bam, a dozen splinter groups shattering away one night in chat because the guildmaster accidentally gave away his own deception because he was a moron. I don’t know whatever happened to that guy… but I’m still guilded with a few of the people from back in those days, all these many years later. All I can do now is laugh.

What’s your oldest memory of epic MMO guild drama?

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