Craftopia developer announces co-op survival builder Palworld


Prepare for imminent cuteness because Craftopia developer Pocketpair just announced a cel-shaded survival builder slated to come out in 2022. This new project is Palworld, which takes players on a co-op adventure to craft and thrive in an anime-like world. There are activities like farming, dungeon diving, and operating factories to enjoy.

The “pal” in Palworld refers to the collection and nurturing of exotic creatures, not unlike Pok√©mon, who will be essential to battle poachers. “Make your Pals fight, build, farm, and work in factories,” the studio said with a straight face. It’s a virtual sweatshop! With cute critters!

This doesn’t mean that Craftopia is being abandoned, however. That survival game is slated for a big update on June 23rd that will add its own pet system, increase the level cap, add guns, and possibly implement Steam workshop mod support.

“Many users may be worried about the future development of Craftopia,” Pocketpair posted. “However, the development team of Craftopia has expanded from an initial team of four to a current team of more than 15 people. The expansion of the team has enabled us to work on drastic improvements that we’ve put off until now. The next major update will also greatly improve the performance of the game.”

Source: Steam, #2
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