LOTRO’s Update 30 releases with a new raid, zone, and storyline


Do us a favor, yeah? Poke your neighborhood Hobbits out of their food-induced comas and tell them that Lord of the Rings Online has just put out its latest adventure full of danger, rewards, and tales.

Update 30: Blood of Azog marks the big summer update for the MMORPG, providing some content as players continue to wait for this fall’s even bigger Gundabad expansion.

This patch is an interlude, offering historical stories (read: time traveling quests) that provide some background to the Mount Gundabad region. In addition to the new region and story pack, the update adds a 12-player raid called The Fall of Khazad-dûm. The devs made a raid change for tier 2 and above that limits the number of times players can be revived during boss fights.

Update 30 is free for subscribers but will need to be purchased by free and premium players.

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