Anarchy Online celebrates its 20th birthday with daily logins, events, and sub deals


There aren’t a whole lot of MMORPGs that make it to 20 years old, but Anarchy Online is joining those hallowed ranks this month. Even better, Funcom hasn’t forgotten about the event, even cheekily acknowledging the game’s rough launch back in 2001 (it’s still considered one of the worst MMO launches of all time). But obviously it recovered and still lives!

So here’s what players can expect this year. First, Funcom is offering a deal on three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions, the top-end of which offers a new armor suit: “Purchase 3 months for the back slot, 6 months for the chest piece and back slot, or get a vacuum-packed set at 12 months containing everything but the helmet!” There’s also an upgrade deal for sloobs. (Froobs are free-to-play players; sloobs are Shadowlands accounts. Now you know.)

As for the fun stuff, AO players can expect daily login goodies, the helmet from the above suit, and the return of the Tinker, Desert Rider world event, and some new outdoor raid bosses.

“The BIG TROX Loren Warr is back once again as an outdoor raid boss! Warr may be found along the outskirts of Newland. They’re as tough as ever, so don’t let yourself get stomped into dust! Unless, you know… you’re into that sort of thing. We’re not here to judge. New to Rubi-Ka “5”, big and bad reimaginings of classic bosses are back as world bosses! Abmouth, Zaal, T.A.M., Cerubin, and Atma must be stopped, and you can look forward to some sweet loot as a reward for defeating them!”

Happy birthday, Rubi-Ka.


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Oleg Chebeneev

One of few MMOs Id love to see released with full graphics remake

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Jack Pipsam

Whatever happened to that graphics update? I feel like it was in beta forever and then it just remained there haha.


They made a bit of a gfx update but it was not nearly so night and day of a difference and still looks very dated.

DJ Meowth

I don’t recall what the initial promise for the graphics update was, but over the many years we waited for it, it took on an almost mythical reputation – deserved or not.

It’s still technically in beta (though I don’t think any of the devs are actively working on it), and it’s basically just improved lighting and shadows. Textures are the same, models are the same. It does look better, but it feels rather unfinished.

Castagere Shaikura

My first MMO back in 2001 and it still has a sub on it. Wish it was completely free to play after 20 years. I just can’t bring myself to pay to play such an old game.

Dagget Burmese

I’ve had a few fr00b chars roaming there for years, but resubbed for 3 months to hang out during the anniversary stuff..


20 years later and no Anarchy Online 2 …what a waste of an IP.


Ah one my first big MMOs good to see it is still kicking, shame it is so hard to get back in again.