Dauntless’ roadmap updates include a Repeater refresh, the Omnicell sub-class system, and shock changes


Players of Dauntless have likely been busying themselves with hunting the Chronovore or chasing after Exotics, but it never hurts to look at what’s coming, which brings us to the game’s roadmap and a host of planned updates.

We begin with Omnicells, which is the name granted to the RPG’s proposed sub-class system. These Omnicells will fit into a unique slot and grant a passive buff and an active ability, effectively replacing lantern passives and actives. There are currently four Omnicells on tap — Discipline, Bastion, Iceborne, and Windfury — that all cater to different playstyles, whether it’s high mobility and damage, soak tanking, or the ability to swap between defense and offense.

Next up are plans for a refresh of the Repeaters weapon, which will remove their modular creation, make mods, grips, and chambers more distinct, and allow greater control over distance and FOV while in aiming mode.

Finally, the game plans to make some adjustments to shock Behemoths that will first start with bug fixes and move into polish passes for this type of creature. Speaking of thunder, there’s also a Wild Thunder Hunt Pass arriving on July 8th.

Incidentally, all four of these cards are tagged with “Heroes of Ostia,” which could be the name of the next update in question, but since these roadmap plans are subject to change, it’s perhaps best to not fully leap to that conclusion. Be that as it may, there are certainly things in the works.

source: Favro (1, 2, 3, 4)

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