Aion Classic encourages global first races as players raise fresh pay-to-win alarms


Aion is enjoying a rare moment in the spotlight thanks to yesterday’s launch of a legacy mode called Aion Classic. The opening day was what you’d expect: crowds, bugs, excitement, and consternation that this wasn’t officially being offered over in Aion Europe (which is operated Gameforge and in fact is running a totally different event right now for EU gamers who don’t fib about their location and brave US pings).

While there are no doubt plenty of players taking their time to explore this throwback version of the MMORPG, NCsoft is encouraging the community to race as fast and as hard as they can in an effort to obtain a global first. Leaderboards are up on the site tracking which players are ahead in attaining the level cap, PvP supremacy, and more.

What the company would rather you not pay attention to is the fact that Aion Classic is selling game currency for cash. Redditors and MMO Fallout noted that players can drop money on the cash shop for — and we’re not making this up — pink tiger candy, which can then be sold to in-game vendors for currency. It’s raised pay-to-win concerns already as some players demand the launch be rolled back.

Source: Aion, MMO Fallout
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