Star Wars The Old Republic’s 6.3.1 patch heralds double XP and quality-of-life fixes

Party down.

The 6.3.1 patch descends on Star Wars The Old Republic today, but don’t get too excited; it’s largely a quality-of-life and bug-fixing patch, although it does herald the arrival of a double experience event and gambling event

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife is back! – Head to Nar Shaddaa between June 29th at 12:00 UTC and August 10th at 12:00 UTC to test your luck on Smuggler’s Luck, Kingpin’s Bounty, and Emperor’s Grace slot machines to earn new and unique prizes!
Double XP Event – Starting June 29th at 12:00 UTC, and lasting until July 13th, enjoy two full weeks of Double XP, Valor, and Renown.

The patch tackles tech fragment caps, chat commands, no-trade items, guild deco, tooltips, the galactic seasons display, and a slew of annoyances with flashpoints, operations, warzones, and missions. Reddit players seem pleased, or as pleased as anyone can be with a QOL patch, noting in particular the new VIP area bank, apartment arrival terminal, and longer list of flashpoint objectives for dailies.

The servers are down right now but should be back up with the patch around 11 a.m. EDT.

Source: Patch notes

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