Allods Online details the process of hunting a worm on the live servers

Blurred Worm

The most recent update to Allods Online added a new activity for players to engage in: hunting the giant sandworm Uro-Boros. You might have been hoping with the name that it’d be too busy eating its own tail to worry about you, but alas, it’s still a threatn and you’re going to have to fight it with the help of some eager orc hunters going after the beast. But it’s going to involve more than just a simple drawn-out brawl with the creature.

Players will first need to track down the boss and then engage it, but once it reaches a certain health threshold, it’ll start focusing on fleeing instead of standing and fighting. That will mean hunting it down again as it flees with the help of the aforementioned orcish hunting party. Rewards include helmets, coloring tokens, and Ambrosia. Check out the full rundown to get a clear picture of how you can take part in the hunt for the great worm; it’ll be a little more involved than walking with rhythm.

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