Mortal Online 2 shares its new roadmap and answers questions about crafting, combat, and player politics


The devs of Mortal Online 2 have been pretty active recently, even without taking into account the sandbox’s most recent content patch. Take for example a series of three Q&A videos from YouTuber Wolfszeit during the tail end of June, when Star Vault CEO Henrik Nyström fielded questions about a wide variety of topics. Here are a few highlights:

  • The devs are working on making its nation standings system more robust, with plans to balance gaining and losing status and create meaningful tasks for a nation that will impact the game overall.
  • There are a couple of crafting updates of note, including a fletchery skill that lets players craft their own arrows and the ability to enchant armor with magic resistance, while cooking will likely not see many enhancements except for balance passes on food effects.
  • On combat matters, Nyström confirms work on blunt damage and dismounting players; special moves for each weapon type such as a spear stance for polearms, a backstab for daggers, or a double strike for dual-wielded weapons; and the ability to command mounts to attack.
  • Finally, Nyström mentions that the devs closely follow player politics, since it provides insight into how players play the game and what they find enjoyable or not. They don’t participate in player politics, however.

In other MO2 news, the devs have laid out a roadmap for updates in the next two months. July will feature things like combat balance, fauna, and client optimizations, while August will see the addition of the Spiritism magic school, new armors, weapons, and horse armors, and a new city among other things. Other in-development features include roleplay support features, thievery, basic housing and keeps, and fishing.

On the subject of magic schools, there’s a player poll online where fans can choose the next magic school to be added to the game, along with details on what each school is offering.

sources: YouTube (1, 2, 3), official site (1, 2) via Reddit
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