No, Cryptic isn’t giving Magic Legends refugees 7K Zen – but here’s what you *are* getting


Cryptic giveth and Cryptic taketh away: PWE and Cryptic sent ’round an email to some Magic Legends players today night, a “thank-you gift” for fans left adrift following the cancellation of the game earlier this month. And at least initially, the gift looked almost outrageously generous. As enticement to play Cryptic MMO Star Trek Online, the studios were offering a two bundles bundle with everything from multiple T6 ships to currency totaling 7000 Zen, which as MOP reader Panagiotis pointed out would be worth something like $70. The Neverwinter enticement gift was generous too, including the moon elf race and unicorn mount.

Well, you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true. The companies then sent out a second letter to Magic Legends players titled “Oops, We Made A Typo – Here’s a Thank You Gift for Playing” and a new placard for gifts. It turns out players weren’t supposed to get those stacks of Zen; those were just supposed to be the values of the other items in the pack. So nope, you’re not scoring a combined 7000 Zen after all, but you are getting stuff worth that much – including all four of those T6 STO ships. And it’s still one hell of a sunset gift.

We do note here that not all Magic Legends players received these emails and gift codes, or at least not yet. At least one of our writers, for example, got codes, but two others who played the game didn’t, and folks on Reddit are speculating that the codes are either being sent in batches or are being tiered for players who dropped cash on the game. If you don’t score an email, maybe check out that thread, as some kind souls with no plans to play STO or NW are giving their codes away.

Source: Email. Thanks so much to Panagiotis, Hikari, Chris, and Aralith!
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