Elyon amps up the PvP options for this month’s beta test


With a second closed beta kicking off on August 18th and a full launch at the end of September, Elyon is a very busy bee these days. Kakao said that testers who show up for CBT2 will find one marked difference from the first beta round: far more PvP options.

In CBT2, Elyon will feature three new PvP arena modes (Captain Battle, Honor Arena, and Brawler Arena). The clan war battleground is changing over to the Sky Garden, which will encourage players to use gliding to get from one floating island to the next.

The studio also said that battlefields are going to be a big presence in the beta: “We want you to be able to enjoy the content at your own pace wherever possible. Enter: Battlefields available for queueing at all times during CBT2! How cool is that? Needless to say, we will keep an eye on the activity; some adjustments might be necessary during the test.”

Source: Elyon

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