Ragnarok Origin opens NA preregistration and teases free Tesla giveaway


Ragnarok Online is a classic MMO that doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves, but maybe it will get its day in the sun again as Gravity Co. is rolling out a mobile entry in the franchise called Ragnarok Origin. Pre-registration for North America has begun already, and it’s running a pretty unusual giveaway: If it gets a million signups before launch, it’s going to give away a model S Tesla to one player. And yes, the Tesla can probably play the game too.

“Faithfully embodying the feeling of original Ragnarok Online game which was released for PC back in 2002, Ragnarok Origin provides a great chance for players, old and new, to dive into the land of Midgard on mobile where new adventures await. In Ragnarok Origin, players will be able to explore Midgard as trouble begins to surface after thousands of years of peace between the Gods, Humans, and Demons. With improved graphics, battles and quests, players will be more immersive than ever. Additionally, there will be plenty of customisation options players can use to create their own unique hero. Whether acting alone with Ragnarok’s mercenary system or joining a guild with friends, players can take on monsters or other players in a range of gameplay modes.”

Gravity put together a partly live-action, partly animated, wholly weird trailer to celebrate the occasion.

Source: Press release, official site

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Ragnarok Online is a classic MMO that doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserve

There is a reason for everything. Apart from age of the mmo, the company decided years ago to ban approx a quarter of playerbase instead comply with GDPR. Of course apart from them others quit cause they lost many of their friends, was a serious gutting. See when we talk for such old games, many play for being part of the community there. In addition to that it was missing a lot of updates compared to the asian version, updating pace was slow(except store) and there were parts of the game that needed work to function well. Despite that gameplay was decent despite a bit grindy