Bless Unleashed PC says it’s cracking down on illicit RMT with 30-day bans


Bless Unleashed is riding the high of its PC launch, which yesterday reported over a million downloads since the release. But now, Round 8 Studio is turning back to the business of explaining what’s next.

The studio says that this week’s priest patch is getting a patch of its own to rebalance the Shield of Faith skill and fix a bug in the hitpoint bug fix. The team is also addressing issues with the Crusader skill Impervious and the Bone Dragon fight. Priests can expect their fix tomorrow, while the rest will be handled “as soon as possible.”

Perhaps more notably, the company is cracking down on its own version of goldsellers.

“Buying/selling Star Seeds with real money is strictly prohibited in Bless Unleashed PC. We are aware that players are not able to experience a normal chatting service due to repeated advertisements by some Star Seed selling websites,” Round 8 says. “We will continue to monitor those characters with real money trading chats 24/7 applying a penalty of an account ban for maximum 30 days. We are also internally preparing to enhance a chat filtering system against the real money trading chats.”

Source: Steam
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