World of Tanks collabs with Swedish metal band Sabaton for a music video and in-game event


It’s time once again for World of Tanks and a band to come together to mesh online vehicular battling and music. In a similar vein to the game’s collaboration with Korn, the Swedish metal band Sabaton will once again be featured in WOT (having done so twice before) in both in-game event form and music video form.

The in-game event, known as Spirit of War, tasks players with completing challenges to earn a premium Tier IX Strv K tank crewed by members of Sabaton. This unique tank has features like bonuses to Credits and Crew XP per battle, the ability to earn Bonds (which normally is only available to Tier X tanks), and an earnable 3-D style that adds a custom Sabaton soundtrack and distinct effects to the tank.

While the tank itself is the top reward that players can earn in the Spirit of War event, there’s still something available for those who don’t meet the grind requirements to unlock the vehicle, as each unlocked stage of the event will include a 10% discount for purchasing the Strv K on top of other additional rewards. The fact that a Tier IX tank is being offered for purchase has raised a number of concerns on Reddit, particularly in light of Wargaming’s monetization row in World of Warships.

Full details on the event are outlined on the game’s website, and a special music video featuring Sabaton is found below.

sources: press release, Reddit
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